Monday, May 11, 2015

Luke 24:44-53

Year B - Ascension or Our Turn to Witness
May 14, 2015

It takes power to raise folks from the dead. The power we have to do that with one another is contained in the phrase “repentance and forgiveness” of sins.

It is too easy to have that devolve into “their” repentance and “my” forgiveness”. Broken apart in this fashion we lose the power generated by their interrelationship—my repentance triggers my forgiveness and forgiving energizes further repentance. The work here is almost Buddhist regarding suffering and a way to rise through it. So it might be humbly suggested that power here is the release of power or non-attachment to power. When we get too far away from this sort of mystery we find ourselves unable to do anything but turn this report into magic.

Here is a theological thought experiment: Does your blessing cause a withdrawal of yourself from that which is being blessed and draw you closer to a next stage and state of being?

If this turns out to have an attractiveness about it, does it change what might be meant by worshipping Jesus? Might it go so far as, “And they blessed one another, and, returned joyfully to Jerusalem, the source of power and death, to continually bless as their way of being in the cosmos, this beautiful world becoming ever more so"?

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