Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Isaiah 6:1-8

Year B - Pentecost +1 (Trinity) or Energy to Witness 1 (Live Together)
May 31, 2015

An ecstatic vision doesn’t always bring about great joy even if joy is being visioned. Here, Isaiah experiences his disaster. He is about to be undone. Woe! Woe!

Even as this is happening, Isaiah has no idea that it is worse than he thought. He knows he is about to die, so what could be worse.

Well, he is branded and commissioned to go forth to tell the impossible—this vision to a visionless world. There have been new and trendy products at every stage of our development. They take our breath away and our ability to think beyond goodies. Slave or Free, we want that one next step of improving our lot. Who has time for visions when such a practical matter as comfort and power have so captivated our mind and heart?

To be present in a dead world with a living vision is worse than death.

Hopefully this is your lot for this particular “worse than death” turns out to be the kind of purpose that is better than death and better than ordinary living. Our ecstasy is found in our challenges. May you be well challenged.

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