Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Acts 1:1-11

Year B - Ascension or Our Turn to Witness
May 14, 2015

“Is this the time when you will restore the kingdom?”

Every season we desire to put our eggs in the basket of a person or a party that will restore a greatness that never was. Our blindness to the bloody tooth and claw of every generation, every power structure, keeps us raising a lantern and asking our greedy question. Jesus was asked this question, John was asked this question, and Herod and Ananias were asked this question. We show our intentional ignorance by repeating one variation or another of this old desire of being on top.

For fun you can go to lists of political slogans [Political Slogans or Presidential Campaign Slogans]. It can be just as revealing to listen for the “humble” slogans of those seeking religious power.

Slogans are always masks. Ascension is also a mask that is looking for control and if we are only looking for Jesus to return that is a great comfort to those currently in power and counter-productive to any spirit that would poke its head up, the slightest to look at the current state of affairs and say, “Be Clean”, “Rise and walk”, “She’s not dead”, “Love one another”.

A three-voiced summary:
  • Is this the time when you will restore the kingdom?
  • Wrong question. I’m outta here.
  • This Jesus will be present when you restore any dignity.

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