Thursday, May 21, 2015

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b

Year B - Pentecost or Energy to Witness
May 24, 2015

Due seasons are easy when they come around regularly. Due seasons are not so easy when we are under duress or they have a multi-generational cycling. We can see ships shrink into the horizon and later expand. This we can understand. Leviathans that happen out of sight of land are more difficult to track.

We all enjoy the season of being filled with good things. We attribute it to all manner of experiences turned into ritual on the off-chance that it will keep the good times rolling.

We hate and despise it when nothing seems to go right. Here, too, we make up explanations and blame for what has gone wrong. We will hang on to our theories even after they are disproved for who can ever disprove a negative. We will keep putting money on our model ever thinking it will work this time, “Baby needs a new pair of shoes”.

With these long wave seasons we are pushed to evaluate where we are and what can be done about it. This psalm suggests that praise is the answer to all things, just like, later, Jesus will become the standard answer for all questions. Today the response that best fits is, “Nothing will make a difference.”

May this meditation be pleasing for I want the good season to return and last forever. Whoops, “meditation” here is really a medication for having fallen out of partnership with space and time.

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