Thursday, May 28, 2015

Romans 8:12-17

Year B - Pentecost +1 (Trinity) or Energy to Witness 1 (Live Together)
May 31, 2015

Pray tell how you go out to tell of the Presence of G*D and value the Presence of Neighb*r if it is not according to the flesh? Right, you don’t. 

“Flesh” qua flesh is just ordinary life. When we get into doctrinaire judgments about flesh—this is good clean flesh and that is bad unclean flesh—we go down the road of disconnecting flesh from spirit as well as flesh from flesh and all manner of growth opportunities are lost.

Our growth takes place at the intersections of life. When we presume love is conditional, every condition is a control that takes us further and further from ourselves and one another. We are placed back in a locked room not of our own choosing.

Being born again from above is not about hating the flesh. It is a recognition that we be open to a reorientation and re-energizing. Together we move on to engage third parties. A trinity of father, son, and holy ghost is pretty ethereal without our flesh entering into to add a fourth stabilizing leg. 

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