Monday, May 11, 2015

John 17:6-19

Year B - Easter 7 or Assurance 7
May 17, 2015

Hopefully the final proof of Wrestling Year C is on its way to be reviewed before being OKing it for publication. This seems like a time to get back to first drafts of comments.

Exegetes have the joy of cross-referencing and checking sources when declarations are made. Then comes the fun of working with what is found. In some ways we are investigative reporters. Unfortunately such reporters usually find their articles unpublished or creatively edited when what they turned up doesn’t fit with the publisher’s viewpoint. In a church setting, the personnel committee acts as a mediating editor who can threaten dismissal if the story isn’t rewritten to the current guidelines.

How does the model of “protection” work when folks who have been followers (Jesus’ own) become non-followers (Nones)? Were they or weren’t they Jesus’ own? Are they still?

What does it means to claim Jesus didn’t hold anything back and gave everything forward that he had been given? Everything but the authority to ask on our own for the gift and responsibility to receive the consequences of being a full-partner with G*D?

What can be done about circular causality that politicians and preachers employ?

Can we report this translation of verses 15–19 by Richard W. Swanson in Provoking the Gospel of John and expect to have it published in the congregation?

I do not ask
   that you lift them out of the beautiful world,
   but that you guard them against worthlessness.
Out of the beautiful world they are not
   exactly as I am not out of the beautiful world.
Make them holy in the truth;
   your ordered utterance is truth.
Exactly as you sent me into the beautiful world,
   so also I sent them into the beautiful world.
For I made myself holy
   in order that they should be
      (even they)
   holy in truth.

Can our readers understand “evil” as causing “worthlessness” in our Neighb*r? That Jesus “made” himself “holy” and this ability has been given to us as Jesus’ partners? And we are to be “holy in truth” not “holy in power within an exclusive community”? 

What will you report from this passage?

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