Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Psalm 29

Year B - Pentecost +1 (Trinity) or Energy to Witness 1 (Live Together)
May 31, 2015

Psalm 29

Rather than get caught up with a litany of examples of power, note how vibrational this list is. Thunder over water amplifies the thunder. You can feel the movement. When forests are stripped bare we hear the locomotive sound of a tornado bearing down upon us. When Lebanon skips we suspect an earthquake and its aftershocks are shaking things (seismic come from the Greek seismos shock, earthquake, from seiein to shake; probably akin to Avestan thwaēshō fear).

That which has a different vibrational nature scares us. This includes the way cultures and stages of life have vibrational/rhythmic differences.

With vibration comes a shift. We know that which we thought settled is not. This is part of the nature of G*D—an unsettler.

May we be given the power to shake things up. When we come to terms with this we do find a peaceful center but only after we have come through our own being shaken to our core. Finally centers and cores can communicate and be thankful. It will be worth the shaky parts of life to come to a deep heart’s core with a gentle lapping of the waters of the deep simply awaiting a next thunder, wind, and shake.

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