Monday, June 01, 2015

Mark 3:20-35

Year B - Pentecost +2 or Energy to Witness 2
June 7, 2015

Remember this passage is versed as starting in the middle of a sentence. What happened before the crowd came together again?

Well, Jesus had named 12 “disciples” and they didn’t contain any family members. In that day and age, this is simply crazy. In a time of occupation, what could be stronger than blood. Besides it keeps the Messiah-business profits at home where there are mouths and mothers to feed.

This is the context of the final statement about mothers and brothers being those who attend to G*D’s presence where they are.

Supposedly the conversation was to have gone something like:

Mary: “What’s this I hear about your not sharing with your brothers?”
Jesus: “Mom, is this Cana all over again?”
James: “Yeah, I want to heal people, too.”
Jesus: “Hey, you’ll get your chance. Just cool it for now as this is the best way I can protect y’all from what’s coming from Herod's Foxy News.”
Mary: “Ahh me, something else to ponder in my heart.”
James: “Argh!”
Jesus: “Yep, we are in difficult times. Let’s keep loving one another, anyway. And look; our family is getting larger—there's more love to pass around”

Instead we get an aphoristic Jesus keeping it short and hurrying us along to the next  scene.

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