Thursday, June 25, 2015

2 Corinthians 8:7-15

Year B - Pentecost +5 or Energy to Witness 5
June 28, 2015

Externally, the American economic system (only one of many with no presumption of privileged position) needs to hear again verse 15, “No one is to have too little; no one too much” and once again deal with its tendency toward gildedness and a growing gap between peoples/classes.

Internally, we hear about followers of Jesus who excel in so much, so fruitful, so ripe for harvesting, so full of healing for the nations. If only they could start with themselves! To partner with G*D, as did Jesus, means being generous with that which has filled and satisfied. 

This generosity is not just overflow. This generosity is to begin an emptying process. Having been empty, having been full, we can return to emptiness for the first time, intentionally, trustingly, eagerly. Now generosity can avoid the trap of measuring itself against others. What we have and what we don’t have, both reveal our G*D Partnership. We can’t help ourselves connecting so tightly our love of G*D and love of Neighb*r that an observer could ever tell the difference.

“Fair balance” means neither “fair” nor “balance”.  This phrase goes well beyond measurement. It goes all the way to mutual generosity. Blessings on not responding, “Fine”, the next time you are asked how you are. Rather try, “Generous”, and see what it does to your encounter.

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