Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Mark 4:26-34

Year B - Pentecost +3 or Energy to Witness 3
June 14, 2015

Gotta love the pedagogy of Jesus. The first part of this chapter has Jesus publicly relating a parable of a sower. Then, in private the disciples ask what it “means”. So Jesus goes through it, point by point. The best part though is not this teaching to a test, wooden dissection of imagery, but a flurry of parables of which a few are recorded.

Imagine Jesus flooding the disciples, and anyone who would listen, with parables. It becomes a case of sink or swim. This immersion process will have folks talking parables with one another and result in even dreaming in parable.

Jesus “did not speak to them except in parable.” So where has our recent temptation to literalism come from? To have all the answers explained to a select few in private is contrary to Jesus’ Way, even if the Bible tells me so (“...but Jesus explained everything in private to his disciples”).

Parables level the playing field. Horse and rider are thrown, a murderer frees a whole people. Who can control such a Pentecostal fire that has us communicating deeper than language? 

Imagine if we were able to hear some more of the “He also saids” today. How would we relate differently through parabolic responses rather than with definitive answers? Well, listen. A parable is a far off hymn hailing a new creation. Start humming now so you have a melody to put new words to.

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