Thursday, June 04, 2015

Psalm 138

Year B - Pentecost +2 or Energy to Witness 2
June 7, 2015

What is our god/idol? Wanting to be well-liked? Thought well of? Putting too much in the hands of one I give charge of my life? King or named God who gives us what we want and steadfastly looks out for us so we don’t have to consider what it means to be in partnership with G*D.

Yea, though I walk through a dark time
I fear not for I am bubble-wrapped
protected in sparrow-holding hands
comforted in purposeful love I can understand

And yet, this Psalm ends with an unease, an anxiousness. Our appeal to not be forsaken acknowledges that possibility even as our praise has been working overtime. No amount of praise will keep this existential reality hidden forever.

It is time to wrestle again with what it means to be highly regarding of the lowly (verse 6).

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