Monday, June 22, 2015

Mark 5:21-43

Year B - Pentecost +5 or Energy to Witness 5
June 28, 2015

How many times are we to forgive? 70 x 7!

How many times did Jairus have to beg? 70 x7?

Persistence in doing good and looking for good is a positive value. It raises a question about what we are dogged about in seeing changed. Our culture says, “Three strikes and you’re out!” We are famous for wanting instant success.

What follows (fringe touching and hand holding) roll on from an insistence that something be done—and now! Sometimes our persistence needs to be several generations long as the resistance is that great. Don’t forget to mentor a next generation of persisters (resisters) so they can build on what you are continuing from the prophets of old or restarting in a new situation.

Blessings on all importuning widows and distraught fathers and fierce friends.

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