Thursday, June 18, 2015

1 Samuel 17:(1a, 4-11, 19-23), 32-49

Year B - Pentecost +4 or Energy to Witness 4
June 21, 2015

A recent conference reported that 50% of seminarians are not intending to enter the vocation of pastor in an established church. They are interested in developing their theological skills but not being bound by the current limitations of tradition, power, and authority that have encrusted institutional life.

This sounds very much like young David recognizing that he could not move inside the armor of the king (priest). His life experience was more appropriate to the present situation than the accepted boundaries within which one can be an agile leader. This takes more than being adaptive. David is evidencing leadership that is far enough outside the box that the box makes no difference whether it is there or not.

And so we bring out our internal balance to weigh our options. On one side are 5 smooth stones and an experienced slinger of stones who is fleet of foot. On the other side is an armored giant with a shield carrier, sword, spear, and javelin.

The balance says weight wins.

So, shall we self-censor ourselves and passively receive our comeuppance? We know that along with weight, institution and fear also appear to be winners against a small bit of experienced truth.

I draw your attention to and loveprevailsumc on Facebook. A small band of 7 people with poster board and markers (even less than 5 stones) who are willing to run toward United Methodist Bishops and Connectional Table and have, in showing up, made a difference as they challenge a giant institution invested in lying about the nature of LGBTQ lives, calling them “incompatible with Christian teaching”, and denying the grace and gifts of ordained ministry to LGBTQ United Methodists.

You may want to visit with them and support them as they are now running toward an even bigger giant of a quadrennial General Conference with insufficient votes. We will have to see how this encounter will ensue. It will go better with your joining them—#showup.

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