Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27

Year B - Pentecost +5 or Energy to Witness 5
June 28, 2015

Verses 19 and 25 reverse their order but act as a commentary contrasting mighty ones, courageous to the core, with their fate—perished/vanity.

When we look around today it is difficult to identify courage. Without courage to contras with, vanity is even more ephemeral than usual. There is not even smoke to mark a funeral.

Saul and Jonathan are noted in the last line as “weapons of war”. It is not surprising that they fall if that is the way in which they are remembered. As we might all have said, “Live by war; die by war”.

Consider what will be lamented at your death. Who and what will be addressed? Will you be remembered as a weapon of war for not resisting it? Will you be remembered as a forgiver whose presence heals? If it will be some mixture of these, what proportion will be noted?

For now, try writing what you suspect would be found in a Song of the Bow, should the Book of Jashar ever be found. Would it also be a lament, like this one? Is it this one with just the names changed? Would it be a victory song? What does a bow mean? The same as a broken bow?

Do be aware that any attempt you make will say much more about you than you might want known. Nonetheless, be courageous—write anyway.

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