Tuesday, June 09, 2015

1 Samuel 15:34-16:13

Year B - Pentecost +3 or Energy to Witness 3
June 14, 2015

Imagine that—a best laid plan of G*D’s came to naught. G*D warned folks that a structural fix to a non-problem (we want a king because every other kid on the block has a king) wasn’t in their best interest and then promptly caved (make that, decided to let folks experience the consequences of their wants getting in the way of their decision-making).

Instead of helping folks out of their addiction to having a king to blame for their lack of engagement and trust, G*D sets up another king and even constructs a back story to get Samuel past the palace guards to be in position to anoint David of the beautiful eyes.

This sort of personal engagement with sneaky plots worthy of a spy handler and whispering in ears about personnel matters, is not going to prove much other than G*D needs to delegate more to those with the appropriate skills for HR work. Something proves wrong about both the job description of king and the interview questions to sort through candidates.

And hasn’t that been the case all along the way, G*D has been too close to G*D’s own image—not able to engage realistically with G*D’s alter ego. Later, an attempt to triangle Jesus and Spirit into things doesn't turn out any better.

Rather than look upon this as factual history, can you see it as an extended parable? Those who can hear it, will, and the rest will continue to look to structural fixes.

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