Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Isaiah 7:10-16

Year A - Advent 4 - Needed Change 4
December 22, 2013

Intentionally avoiding any sign that would shift your life or the life of the world works for a relatively short time. We live in a world of signs.  We live in a world of information. Ultimately avoidance ceases to work. It is the paradoxical signs that lead to better learning and living. When dreams and facts dance we find dynamics to counter resignation.

For your continuing education, bookmark this comment for when you will choose to make time to follow a 90 minute conversation between physicists regarding the universe as a hologram.

How do you map your universe? Like Ahaz? Like Joseph?

Perhaps another way of coming at this is to ask how are you mapped by the universe? Can you sense that the fears Ahaz and Joseph and You have are already begin removed. Sign by sign, like it or not, the stumbling blocks are being removed. Now how will we operate when freedom’s bounds are expanded?

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