Monday, December 23, 2013

Matthew 2:13-23

Year A - Christmas 1 - Blessed Body [1]
December 29, 2013

Profit and Power tempt us to extinguish those we deem to be expendable or questioning of such motivations. We have a difficult time separating these tools from their ends.

As Herod slaughters boy babies, Pharaoh is recapitulated. We are more sophisticated these days. Note the percentage of Black and Latino males who are entombed in prison for non-violent crimes and ask if the slaughter continues under our watch. Complicity, thou art us.

Obviously slaughter is not the only measure here. Consider the plight of refugees everywhere. This is precursor to the need for a new Exodus.

This is depictable in Syria, Sudan, and elsewhere. Try this picture in the context of India (you can also read more about the New Christian Community Bible that I am trying out this year).

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