Monday, December 30, 2013

Luke 2:15-21

Year A - “Holy Name” of Jesus - Naming Day
January 1, 2014

Let’s go see about what can be trusted in life. Hearing angels is one thing; finding a promise is quite another.

What needs checking on to see whether it holds up or not? We all carry old promises along. Sometimes we think a promise is the reality, when it has actually become a shield against what can be experienced. Sometimes we need to say, “I think we heard it wrong. Life isn’t over there in Bethlehem, but right here in the field. The angels hearkened unto us about us, about what is born in us this day.”

After eight days we can say, “Yes, the baby is still alive and ready for a name”. Until this marker of viability is present, there is no reality to a baby. For some preemies this takes a year or more. In today’s medical world eight days can be reduced, but not always. Life takes testing to see if this is something that is going to last. The same is true of relationships. Some form quickly; some take longer.

Let’s not be too quick to claim the fulfillment of a promise. Let’s not be too slow to claim there is more community available than we now have. With these two processes we can both treasure and ponder. Both are important; treasuring what has come forth and pondering what else is on the way.

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