Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Isaiah 9:2-7

Year A - Christmas Eve - Blessed Body
December 24, 2013

It is often easier to see strengths in others that are not recognized within one’s self. It is important to keep a connection between the individual and the community. Likewise to connect ourself with another.

In this case try putting this list of leadership qualities into your own life. Here is the list from The Inclusive Bible:
Wise Guide
Strength of G*D
Eternal Protector
Champion of Peace

Admittedly these are ideals and we need to recognize how the wisest among us fall from pedestals, those we rely upon for strength falter, our desired protectors fail, and champions forget the on-goingness of their call. Yet we cannot discount the wisdom, strength, protection, and peace  and our part in their health.

Your manger’s worth of these qualities, added to those of others, promise transformation of night to day and dismay to song.

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