Friday, December 13, 2013

Luke 1:46b-55

Year A - Advent 3 - Needed Change 3
December 15, 2013

This text is an alternative for the Psalm reading.

It would even be interesting to read them together and reflect on beatific experiences. Are they more active or more passive?

The Psalmist has happiness, blessedness, being hopeful. Hopeful for all to be in good order. The divisions we set between ourselves—oppressor/oppressed, gourmand, guard/prisoner, handicapped/advantaged, master/indentured, alien/citizen, related-in/exiled, and more —are only resolvable from the outside, by a G*D.

Luke has magnificence, blessedness, already come to pass. Mary knows that life has changed, even while still in the same circumstance. An assurance of mercy, regardless of circumstance, has arrived. Mary, and we, find those previously haughty toward us to be anxious, agitated, and scattered. Our hunger shifts from individual experience to a food revolution to open closed storehouses. Common-wealth becomes the measure of individual wealth and determines who will steward it.

We can act in hope and in magnificence to shift separation toward community. We can let these same qualities dull us into resigned waiting. A vision of what may yet be can be helpful to my well-being. An experience of that vision claimed and lived may also be helpful to our well-being. A basic question for both is, “What are you going to do with your hope, with a taste of hope realized?”

PS - remember that some understand a pink candle to express a hope for and thanksgiving for having experienced blessedness through a girl-baby. How does Advent impact our cultural norms and expectations? If Advent does not bring some challenge to the status quo, it is merely an idol for Black Friday commercialism.

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