Thursday, December 12, 2013

James 5:7-10

Year A - Advent 3 - Needed Change 3
December 15, 2013

Patience as passive waiting is not healthy patience. Adding tapping fingers while waiting, doesn’t help the wait. These church culture niceties and passive/aggressive behaviors keep us from a creative waiting.

Creative waiting has something to do with prophetic action. This is more than an example. Prophets define active waiting.

There is a recognition that suffering is present. Beyond recognition is the sense that this doesn’t have to be put up with. Once that is clarified, a variety of actions are available to begin moving toward a better outcome. In the process of acting there is likely to be more suffering. Both the prophet and those they are advocates for will be blamed for breaking order. With blame will come some form of preemptive punishment.

Before and during creative waiting, resolution waiting, restitution waiting, there is suffering. Patience without these waiting styles is resignation, not patience.

Advent is a time to practice identifying arenas of suffering and to begin an active waiting process until they have been cared for and exiled people return home. Obviously this approach to Advent is more than lighting candles and waiting for G*D to intervene on our behalf. Advent is an active time or it is an empty ritual.

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