Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

Year A - Advent 2 - Needed Change 2
December 8, 2013

If it is G*D alone that does wondrous things (v. 18) what is a king in this system?

It would seem that a king is to be one who acts out of righteousness and justice, cares for the environment from which comes prosperity, and has particular responsibility for the poor and needy along with defending people from violence. A king is a local expression of G*D.

Well, this is not a role unique to a king, it is simply a reminder that there is no rising to the top that will excuse not being a local expression of G*D. There is no divine right of kings without a basic connection with the rest of creation.

A king without these qualities is an idolatrous dictator. Their function has been usurped by the powers to be about power. 

In keeping with the protestant understanding that we are all priests, we are also to claim that we are all local expressions of G*D.

Pause for a moment and check out that which is within a proverbial arm’s reach. Is it going well? And the room or dale where you are located? How is life there? As you continue extending your locality, what needs attending to regarding the environment and the poor?

Some of us have gifts to act within the range of a hug. Some of us have gifts to embrace from further away. Whatever your locale, you are blessed to be a local expression of G*D. Go ahead, you are authorized to stand up for the oppressed and to stand up to those in a kingly role who are oppressing rather than freeing.

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