Thursday, December 26, 2013

Titus 2:11-14

Year A - Christmas Eve - Blessed Body
December 24, 2013

There is the usual religious jargon here. We have heard all this in the context of a preconceived plan for redemption through sacrifice.

Here is one simplification:

  • grace draws us closer to wholeness and health
  • this is done through training (gestation)
  • we practice not doing harm even though harm to others can benefits us
  • we practice doing good through centered behavior
  • in this we anticipate transformations and stages to come
  • and deepen our zealousness for good deeds in the present

Look to the tradition of Jesus for models to practice. Look beyond the tradition of Jesus for models to practice. One source for this expansion is this note from The New Community Bible:

Such an openness leads to the enrichment and not to the impoverishment of the biblical message and of our faith. “The Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions. She looks with sincere respect upon these ways of conduct and of life, those rules and teachings, which though differing in many particulars from what she holds and sets forth, nevertheless often reflect a ray of that truth which enlightens all men....prudently and lovingly, through dialogue and collaboration with the followers of other religions, and in witness of Christian faith and life, acknowledge, preserve and promote the spiritual and moral goods found in these men, as well as the values in their society and culture” (Vat.II, Nostra Aetate, 2).

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