Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Psalm 96

Year A - Christmas Eve - Blessed Body
December 24, 2013

A world firmly established is a world mature enough to adapt, adopt, and change. Such a world will not get caught in a heresy of never moving onward.

In moving on we find a new set of lenses through which to view our situation. We can see more deeply and view others through the twin lens of honor and majesty—qualities in everyone, no matter how covered in dysfunction or adulation.

In moving on we find our own strength and beauty to be affirmed and available in every moment of transition or trial.

Honor and majesty; strength and beauty; exult and rejoice. Sing for joy and in joy and with joy. When we return or remain in these, we gladden the heart of trees and take another step toward, “all manner of things shall be well.”

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