Tuesday, March 26, 2013

John 12:20-36 - “Holy Week” Tuesday

“Holy Week” Tuesday - Year C 

There’s a lot of “troubled soul” going around. Unfortunately much of it is really troubled convenience or troubled desire. These are pretty direct routes to suffering. 

When it gets to soul we have this wonderful poem by W.B. Yeats

We also have this sequence:
  1. Festival scene
  2. One of those Greeks ask for Jesus
  3. Jesus hears of it and responds “Glory be!”
  4. Jesus has second thoughts about getting to glory
  5. And a voice
  6. “Hey, glory has already happened and will again.”
  7. Well, that’s a comfort
  8. What’s left to lose?
  9. Take your next step to set things right
See what some Greeks got us into? Now we have to be about justice. That seems to keep happening. Every time we turn around there is a seemingly innocent incident that ends up asking us to be kind ourselves and to see that kindness is done unto others.

That light shining into dark places points to one place after another in need of justice. That’s soul-troubling. That’s a set-up for justice-fatigue. Yet, that’s what will lift us out of one remorseful ditch after another — working with the light given us.

And the wonderful pre-grave line: “Then Jesus hid from them.”

Use what light you have. Play hide and seek. Seems you’ll find Jesus hiding with the invisible people waiting for you come join in justice joy — an untroubling of souls.

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