Friday, March 22, 2013

Philippians 2:5-11

Lent 6 - Year C 

How does intentional humility work? Is it humility or practice toward humility? Is it humility or the appearance of humility? Is it humility a taking advantage of humility? Is it simply humility?

To humble oneself in anticipation of a later benefit, seems just a touch proud.

These same questions come about the privilege to not claim one’s privilege.

Perhaps what is being driven at here is some transparency of motive.

Just before this text we hear of Paul’s joy in loving accord through a mechanism of looking out for other’s interests. This will probably have a helpful effect on oneself, but there is certainly no guarantee that those other interests will reciprocate and have our interest in mind.

Just after this text we hear the injunction to work out our communal health together—always a dicey matter. Look at the comments on nearly any blog and you won't have to scroll far to find flamers whose good pleasure seems to be in displeasing others.

Somehow humility here is not just a personal virtue, but a communal one. Living in a culture of humility would be transformative. So far our track record has been poor. It is difficult to be humble when you are a "city on a hill". We have caused more fear and trembling than actual healing.

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