Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Isaiah 50:4-9a

Lent 6 - Year C 

I have the ear of a learner and the tongue of a teacher!

This combination increases the little gray cells and their white matter connections. All in all, a most blessed combination.

It is unclear why it is then felt to be necessary to go on and drag G*D in as a big brother who will watch out for us. Can a relationship with G*D be a partnership or is it always paternalistic?

The implication is that if we learn to the test, all will turn out grand. Unfortunately tests are always behind on the facts. This leads to being stuck in the past. I only know what the test was able to affirm. There is no room for a new approach. With only fingers to deal with we are unlikely to arrive at the mysteries of zero and limits.

Rejoice in verse 4 as it is antidote for inappropriate guilt.

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