Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Psalm 119:9-16

Lent 5 - Year C 

Why learn laws? Well, they track our errors and make it possible to learn from them. Laws can be a source of pleasure as we remember and don't repeat a mistake.

For the same reason a next law will be in order — a new lesson is already being learned.

Just as importantly, we can learn that we learned the wrong lesson when we made a previous law. This makes it possible to modify or repeal a mis-learned law.

So let’s not get all rote about law. While legalists have a tendency to teach to the law and to make new laws to expand prior law qua law, life experience will eventually win through. Even as laws are still expanding, we live toward the turning of the law when law is delightfully deconstructed back to the basics of Love (creation and all neighbors) – against which there is no law.

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