Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29

Lent 6 - Year C 

Give thanks for it clarifies the long-haul. A stance of gratitude encourages seeing all the little fiddly-bits so needed for dealing with a glacial shift in institutions, cultures, and self. [Note to self: given the speed of “glacial” retreat, it is no longer a descriptor for slow.]

Thanks connects us with the depths of creation from which a next-needed is called forth. In this case our old friend “steadfast love” is a definition of “Lord”. Lazy folks that we are we think that we have said “steadfast love” when we say “Lord”, but, of course, we haven’t. This universal all too quickly become “my God” and “steadfast love” turns into self-preservation at all costs and a position of privilege and prestige.

So, if this is a day of steadfast love, it is not a 24 hour day that is spoken of. This is a long-lasting experience that is longer than the “7-day” descriptor of creation. This day of steadfast love is seven times eternity long. This is a deep, deep thanks.

Again, this story cannot be confined to easy particulars or justified on the basis of how it has come to be known. But, if we daily open gates of kindness, we will find all the response we have looked for — participation in calling forth the new satisfies like nothing else. So, claim a shard of light and pry open a closed door with all the compassion you can muster. Such a moment will last and last.

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