Thursday, March 28, 2013

John 13:21-32 - “Holy Week” Thursday

“Holy Week” Thursday - Year C 

Yesterday we heard that Satan entered Judas with an offering of Jesus Bread. Here we hear that the devil had already gotten to Judas before the meal. Tricky business honoring ancient recordings of experience. In typical fashion even a single eye-witness can have multiple perceptions of the same incident.

While betrayal is a constant background possibility, being prepared to not be controlled by what others do or are not doing is critical to moving ahead. This preparation is enhanced through our intention to love one another, anyway.

To those who have held true with me in my betrayals, thank you.
To those I have been true with in their betrayals, you're welcome.

Now how do we move on to increase the folks we will identify as within a community of “one another”? There is an abundance of love to go around when we can see beyond our own nose to someone else’s nose (whether cute as a button or a humongous honker it is their nose and therefore beautiful).

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