Saturday, March 30, 2013

Luke 24:1-12 - “Holy Week” Sunday Vigil

“Holy Week” Sunday Vigil - Year C 

A life of Spirit/Religion is one of looking for the living. This is true even when we are not aware that we are looking for the living. 

So often we are looking for the dead, going through our rituals of expectation, and yet carry an unspoken hope that we might find the living instead.

It is in remembering that we return from unsuccessful searches for either the living or the dead. All of a sudden new synapses awaken us to significance that was right under our nose all along. Our remembrance is a helpful motivator but does not suggest an equally helpful apology for our remembrance — that is, we can carry good news but it can be easily dismissed as an idle tale.

Note that Peter went home after his experience of emptiness confirmed. Resurrection changes nothing and everything at the same time. Keep vigiling, for anniversaries of grand events are only anniversaries. Don’t expect Easter to be an Easter for you, G*D is too sly to make your next step forward so ritualistic. Do, though, expect clarity to come with keeping watch. Then go home, consolidate, and move on.

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