Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Psalm 32

Lent 4 - Year C 

Grumbling comes easily when we don’t get to take anything we want, when we want. Once begun it is difficult to end. This may be the earliest of temptations - shiny things.

When addressed at its root, dissatisfaction is a blessing as it stimulates our creativity into bringing forth a gift to meet a need and a curse when it gets us into a taking mode.

A basic antidote for grumbling is experienced forgiveness that cuts through a desire for and shifts our desire to. Occasions for forgiveness reveal the nakedness we felt as shame and covers it with belovedness that revels in being revealed as choosers of significance. Those who have been injured and those who have harmed have different choices to make to become one again, but they are equally difficult.

This forgiveness is most easily done eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart. It is harder to do at a distance as we have more excuses not to forgive or be forgiven. Just as participatory democracy is a difficult governing style, forgiveness is a difficult spirit to participate in. Forgiving and a being forgiven call both to be new creations. The intersection of these dynamics is joy—the impetus of creation of new life out of chaotic dysfunction is revealed as forgiven and forgiver stand naked together, unashamed, joyful.

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