Monday, March 25, 2013

John 20:1-18

Easter - Year C 

Expectations are usually traps, set-ups for disappointment. In this case a broken expectation becomes a release, a source of mystery upon mystery that joyfully engages our sense of meaning.

Having gone out with weeping, we return with a song on our lips.

It was bad enough to visit the tomb, but to find it empty meant an insult of thievery is added to the injury of loss by death. Mary sequentially trudges in sadness, runs in dismay, stands distraught, and went announcing what shepherds and magi before her reported - “I have seen creation at work.”

An Easter of remembrance and familiarity is not an Easter. An Easter of turning resurrection over to G*D is not an Easter. Easter is only Easter insofar as we have an experience of holding and being held and then being released and releasing to be able to move on with an assurance and an announcement.

Interested in measuring Easter, whenever it should come this year? Relate your experience of turning from lost to found. If you actually tell that story, then Easter arrived. If you have no story to tell, it didn’t. A resurrection in a garden without a story being told is like unto a tree falling unheard in a forest - it is still a reality, but a lonely one.

May you and all be blessed through your catch-and-release story.

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