Saturday, March 30, 2013

Matthew 27:57-66 - “Holy Week” Saturday

“Holy Week” Saturday - Year C 

No matter how we seek security, there is none.

A rich grave is no more secure than a poor one. Neither can capture a life.

Vigilance is not a source of security. Lives cannot be put on hold to watch.

Suspicion gives no sense of security. No matter how many contingencies are prepared for the future cares not a whit for the limits of our imagination and keeps coming around every defense we plan for.

Security attempts to get us back from they mystery of emptiness where “nothing” can become not only “something” but “anything”. Security is our attempt to control outcomes. Security needs so much propping up that it, itself, becomes insecure.

Blessings to Arimathea Joe and Magdala Mary and Perplexing Pilate. [Note: In the Eastern Church Pilate was canonize for his proclamation of Jesus’ innocence (Feast Day, June 25); in the Western Church Pilate is seen as the enemy of Christ and delight taken in devising ingenious and gruesome ends for him.] Blessings to you still standing without any guarantees, just a sense of belovedness.

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