Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Joshua 5:9-12

Lent 4 - Year C 

Prior to manna there was grumbling. There will be subsequent grumblings after the manna served its purpose and ordinary life sets in again. Apparently, there will be grumbling. Even Jesus grumbled in Gethsemane and on a cross.

The Israelites had the equivalent of a 40-year fast. That is now broken. With a variety of food now at their disposal [stolen, mind you, from the Canaanites (Palestinians) whose land they took] they began to settle in to fight with others and among themselves. The disgrace of Egypt may be behind them, but there are future disgraces in the wings, waiting for their cue. Sustained injustice: enter Disgrace and one prophet or another.

For Lenten reflection: what is our relationship with ordinary life and with miracle? Are these participants in a zero-sum game? As long as ordinary life is manageable it is on and miracles are off? When miracles are present, ordinary life is absent? What would connect these to see the miracle of ordinary life and honor it with on-going justice?

It is relatively easy to see what temptations brought us to another moment of Disgrace. It is not so easy to see a needed miracle/grace before its time. Currently, where are you on the seemingly unending journey from ordinary life to miracle and back to ordinary life and around again? What justice matter do you need to attend to in order for ordinary life to move forward without another round of Disgrace?

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