Thursday, April 24, 2014

1 Peter 1:3-9

Year A - 2nd Sunday of Easter or Assured 2
April 27, 2014

Holy Humor Sunday

1 Peter is not my usual go to for something light.

Image yourself actually being born through emptiness. How strange, but is it knee-slapping hilarious?

By great mercy (creative conception)
we are born in living hope (midwife’s hands)
through a resurrection (empty tomb)
into bright and stolid paradise (back to here and now)
There were trials (labor pains, breach position, C-section)
strengthening caterpillars and chicks (don’t help them out)
and trials continue (refining decisions) 
Though you didn’t set up this system (you don’t see and get it)
you can redefine it (love that draws a larger circle)
and claim it now (already receiving an outcome of trust)

No, probably not, hilarious. Smirkily ironic? Probably. Enough to get 15 minutes of relief from chronic pain? Probably. Go back over that again - What images Peter uses! I didn’t think he had it in him. But then I sometimes don’t think I have G*D’s image in me, either. Somehow in wrestling together, these moments, when we call a mutual time-out to laugh at how silly we are being, give us what we need to reenter the fray.

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