Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baruch 3:9-15, 3:32-4:4 (Vigil)

Year A - Easter Vigil or Hopeless Hope Vigil
April 19/20, 2014

Why is it my fear and loneliness place me in a land of my enemies rather than my friends who will care for such? Do thoughts actually matter, materialize? Has my response to death brought me to be counted as one dead and powerless?

Is this all because I have discounted all the different Marys along the way? So many male prophets that if you say prophet you mean male and we have a special category for a prophetess. We have so identified G*D and Jesus as of course being male that we attribute to them also war and judgment and death eternal.

Here we hear of “her”. Wisdom living among us, unknown, a provisional gift. Even though portrayed as "the book of the commandments" of an understood to be male G*D, she is more.

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