Saturday, April 05, 2014

Romans 8:6-11

Year A - Fifth Sunday in Lent or Conviction [5]
April 6, 2014

Imagine G*D at creation not caring a whit about the flesh. Where then sun, moon, fishies, plants of every kind, and you and I. 

Obviously those in the flesh can please G*D simply by being flesh. 

Instead of talk about Spirit, which can get pretty controlling depending on who is doing the defining of an authentic-spirit that they contain as opposed to your evil-spirit, please remember yourself as an Image of G*D, one toward whom steadfast love of your flesh and more is evidenced moment by moment.

For the remainder of Lent it would be an informative exercise to set yourself to listening to your own language and monitoring your reading and listening to others in such a way that whenever the word Spirit arises that you would translate it as Image of G*D. After a week or so of doing this there may be a new appreciation of the glorious mystery that is you and every other.

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