Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Isaiah 50:4-9a (Wednesday)

Year A - Holy Week Wednesday or Clarification Week Wednesday
April 16, 2014

On Hump Day we need a word about sustentation in the midst of weariness. Carrying on the excitement of a Palm Parade is as difficult as remembering any parade. Subsequent days bring their agendas and the parade fades. Likewise, keeping the passion of dread fresh and alive is wearing.

The same process sustains a teacher and learner of an encouraging word—attending, day by day, to the echo and witness of the cosmos. Its explosive expansion simply carries on, eon by eon. We hear of this steadfastness and we share what we hear. It sustains a first hearing and each subsequent hearing. All can be born and borne.

For today is it enough. Hump Day becomes Dayenu Day and we can breathe again with thanks for where we have been and affirmation of what yet lies ahead.

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