Monday, April 21, 2014

John 20:19-31

Year A - 2nd Sunday of Easter or Assured 2
April 27, 2014

[Can hardly believe it is time to be back to only four lections per week—hope y'all survived the onslaught last week. ~Wesley]

Holy Humor Sunday

Jesus the Jester was well known to the Disciples. That was one of the problems with taking notes on his various teachings. You’d be jotting down class notes and then Jesus would throw in one of his parabolic koans. There was no choice but to stop to get your bearing again. He always seemed to quiz folks on the stuff that got missed after one of his switcheroos.

This accounts for some of the missing sections in stories about Jesus’ life. Fortunately we have found some additional notes from several of the Galilee Shore Irregulars. They never made it all the way to Disciple, much less Apostle, but their notes do fill in a few things as they were only focused on getting the facts, not trying to jockey for position on Jesus’ nearly non-existent curve of a grading system. Being beloved this week and behind his back the next seemed to distract those who had enrolled and paid full tuition. The Irregulars could just focus on getting everything down to take it home and go over it later.

Tam, son of Raziel, and others did write down other “signs” of life, they just didn’t survive the editor’s focus on believing without actual experience. 

Tam reports:
Then, Jesus, Blessed be He, said to Thomas, “Put your finger here in my wrist, or foot, or side. Don’t doubt it is me.”
Then, Thomas reached out to Jesus wrist and put his finger in the hole. There was a loud buzzing sound and Thomas jerked his hand away.
Then, Jesus said, “Gotcha!”
Then, Thomas said, “Yo, Jesus, you got me good! High five, bro.”
Then, Jesus said, “Let’s hope future generations will be as shocked as you and shift from their expectations about the way things are always done and come to appreciate a Great Joke.”

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