Monday, April 14, 2014

Isaiah 42:1-9 (Monday)

Year A - Holy Week Monday or Clarification Week Monday
April 14, 2014

The goal of justice is approached
     Bruised, not broken
     Flickering, not extinguished
through persistence.

It is all too easy to be discouraged. A stubbed toe becomes a broken foot keeping us from taking a next needed step. A teaspoon of cold water on an idea is all it takes to have us retract it and store it away forever.

It is not at all easy to open our own eyes before those of another. We know all too well, sometimes, the splinter that is in our own eye and close our eyes to the log that is in another’s eye. The discomfort we have of the innocent imprisoned puts us in our own prison of not seeing.

A key to being presently persistent is to recognize one former thing has led to another former thing—and to yet another and another. The same process is still going on and today will soon be three former-things ago. Consider what yet needs to spring forth. Let’s tell of these new things to one another that your encouragement will call me forward and my encouragement will call to you. These mutual calls are to fulfill the spirit within and without, ahead and behind, and all around that partners with us to bring forth justice for all; don’t forget that it will be mercy that is most just.

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