Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Isaiah 50:5-11

Year A -Palm Sunday or False Dawn Sunday
Year A -Passion Sunday or Premature Fear Sunday
April 13, 2014

What needs listening to is new, morning-by-morning. While what we hear may be the same day-after-day, there will be both variations on a theme and a new word. Prophets attend to the variations as well as the consistencies; to a next word as well as a past word.

One of the constant prophetic tensions is that of carrying the persistence of an ever-flowing stream and a flinty face. How to be clear and process-oriented as well as clear and decision-oriented is tricky business. What we hear and our context begins to define our presentation to others, as well as our own personality and experience base.

What will folks hear from you this Sunday that will carry them through a recapitulation of an ancient week and their own realities in the next six days? Will it focus on continuing to listen during a confusing, daunting, fearful day? Will it give an answer that will shape and limit whatever is being said? It will be all too easy to present flint when what is needed is a spark from it rather than flint standing pure and alone.

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