Monday, April 28, 2014

Luke 24:13-35

Year A - 3rd Sunday of Easter or Assured 3
May 4, 2014
Luke 24:13-35

Eyes open? Recognize what is around you? And it's gone!

Now make meaning out of that.

From ignoring to questioning and dismissal, we come to a time of Wow! Well, now that we take time to consider, we remember being attentive all the way along and ready to receive any good news in the midst of our personal tragedy. What an amazing time we had and we will hold on to it forever.

Ahh, yes, revisionist history — a long and many-storied tradition.

Now we are in the process of making daily bread more sacred than it is by its very nature. Somehow or other what was missed at Thursday night's repast is now reinterpreted. Of course it is not just us looking again, but a duly authorized interpretation — G*D says this is what it meant and you always knew it.

Love Prevails is currently at a denominational meeting of the Connectional Table (implementers of General Conference past). After attending their last meeting in October (being a cause of an agenda adjustment) and a series of letters back and forth since then, we are present, again, to continue the work of removing discriminatory legislation from the United Methodist Church. There is work to do as the church institutional has responded to a new opportunity to get better by repeating processes already accomplished in the 1980s.

There is a sense that the Connectional Table is still all wrapped up in their immediate concern about loss of membership and not clear about the mercy and compassion they have received and so can't see where it needs to be applied. After the discrimination is finally off the books, we can fully expect the Connectional Table to take credit for working toward that all along.

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