Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hebrews 12:1-3 (Wednesday)

Year A - Holy Week Wednesday or Clarification Week Wednesday
April 16, 2014

Many have had a difficult time, but, of course, our situation is worse than anyone else’s because we are such a special person. That others are stumbling should be encouraging to us, but, as noted, our trouble is worse.

It might be helpful to remember our own previous rocks and hard place, but even here, our current problem makes all the previous ones pale in comparison.

Nonetheless, we might as well do our best to put some perspective on our disastrous setting since nothing else has helped.

To do this honestly is hard work. Excuses to keep on being overcome abound. We dismiss one and there is an infinite number waiting to take its place. Perhaps all we can do is to practice meditating. As our distracting excuses come up we need to simply acknowledge them, let them know they will be dealt with a bit later, allow them to leave, and continue with a soft breath.

Usually we will find betrayal betrayed by its own limitations. It has been asking the wrong questions and come up with betrayal as a solution. Now we can ask a better question, set a larger context. Ahh, relief.

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