Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Isaiah 49:1-7 (Tuesday)

Year A - Holy Week Tuesday or Clarification Week Tuesday
April 15, 2014

Early promises can bind us to Sunday School responses we carry with us into situations where they become frozen and too small. Even if an early promise is huge, such as descendants too numerous to count or a promised land that become idolized, there is much to be worked out every day and every generation.

Note how G*D is upping the ante. You thought you were here for a plan and now the plan shifts to no plan or a different plan. Everything is back on the table and G*D says we’ve thought too small. The plan is no longer personal or tribal, but global. It is no longer what is in it for you and yours, but universal salvation and health of which yours is but a part.

Oh my!

To move in this direction is literally to end our youth and childhood. We are to expand our image of steadfast love to enemies, strangers, and the just weird. It will take the death of the Sunday School part of us to set free an adult relationship and partnership with G*D. Stand by. The game is afoot.

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