Thursday, April 17, 2014

Acts 10:34-43 (Easter)

Year A - Easter or Assured
April 20, 2014

If Easter does not lead to a vision of “no partiality”, “no respecter of privilege”, “treating all alike”, “not playing favorites”, “not considering some to be better than others”, “treal everyone on the same basis”, then it is not Easter.

If Easter is only about “Heaven, later” or “Triumph, now”, we are among people most to be pitied; we will have taken a crack in the cosmic egg and used it for our immediate ends.

10:36 — Jesus preaches a radical peace that grows from repentance and humility.

10:38 — This comes from an interpretation of Baptizer John that focuses on going about doing good.

10:43 — We can join “this” parade by “believing” (that is, actually doing good). 

What will be the practical effect of Easter? Ritual bonnets or reform from our various discriminations that keep us from doing good because of who “they” are?

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