Saturday, April 19, 2014

Psalm 31:1-4, 15-16 (Saturday)

Year A - Holy Saturday or Absent Saturday
April 19, 2014

“Save me in your steadfast love.”

When life gets desperate, we pull out our last gasp. Beyond our ability to hope any longer is some even deeper understanding beyond our understanding that a cosmos-wide force of love will find an unexpected encounter with our life, even as does that of the elusive neutrino.

Finally, without expectation, we simply ask to have our grief observed. Not even acknowledged, just impassively, peripherally glimpsed.

Today is an opportunity to practice absence to such a degree that we will be filled with an assurance of being beloved, anyway. Whenever a smidgeon of hope arises, let it be as any distraction, momentarily present and set aside. To get distracted by hope before encountering steadfast love will weaken our resolve to live steadfastly, no matter what.

In some ways this pericope is the exception to the sense of absence needed in this day. Don’t let that distract you, tempt you out of absence too soon. Your dark day of the soul is needed, even as it is a trial.

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