Monday, April 14, 2014

Psalm 36:5-11 (Monday)

Year A - Holy Week Monday or Clarification Week Monday
April 14, 2014

Yes, we are going to find the limits of the arrogant privileged as we expand circles of relationship. It doesn’t take long to be schooled in the rules of society. Each culture in its own way limits options for some for the benefit of others.

These are the easy temptations, the obvious ones, that can distract and discourage us. The more difficult ones are much more subtle. Revisiting past successes (Lazarus) or accepting a tad of adulation (Mary) or trusting our innate goodness and connection to G*D to see us through (Jesus/Chief Priests).

Regardless of how we engage the pressure points of life, it is helpful to periodically remember verse 1 (how vertically extensive), verse 2 (how horizontally broad), and verse 3 (how universally present “all” is). In each dimension steadfast love is an even more encompassing feast than we are ready for. And so our way is lit. We will always be able to see and return to a path of healthy living no matter the distractions that come our way.

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