Thursday, April 17, 2014

John 13:1-17, 31b-35 (Thursday)

Year A - Maundy Thursday or Courage Thursday
April 17, 2014

Goal: to love deeply, to the end of time.

Love through dismissal as crazy or irrelevant. Love through threat and abuse. Love through success and pain. Love through betrayal by self and others.

Knowing we are beloved is a starting place for knowing others are beloved. Belovedness takes off its power tie and carries a traveling towel to freshen sweaty brows and soothe tired feet. Whether understood or not, we wash clean both reluctant saint and aggressive betrayer.

Actually living out our goal brings us to a moment of separation. We are all on different stages of journey and model for others how to journey. Everyone will have a different path and so we are not in lockstep, but each following their way to a common goal. We can actually end up at the same place, but our various ways there may make it seem to be unique.

At any rate, the bottom line for disciples is the same as for their mentor, to love deeply, to the end of time. Given the variety of paths, this is all we have in common. By this we and others will know we are all part of a larger project whose nature and name is love. It is enough.

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