Monday, April 14, 2014

Matthew 28:1-10 (Easter)

Year A - Easter or Assured
April 20, 2014

It is not bad enough that we have seen crucifixion after crucifixion and now the crucifixion of our beloved. It is not bad enough that we have not attended to his body or had to finally come to grips with his absence. Now an earthquake like we have never experienced before and a vision in the midst of the shaking. Stones rolled. Fear paralyzed.

As quickly as that, another story for this time begins. Journey back to the beginning to see it again for the first time. Return to Galilee! Start to live what you have seen lived. [Note: I am leaving out the whole worship Jesus thing: Reference The Five Gospels and other sources that suggest this is a story-telling technique as opposed to quotable material.]

This living beyond ourselves is a task beyond what can be done on one’s own. Gather a community. As we learn later in verses 16 ff., what we live together becomes a witness to others. So, don’t ignore living yourself into trustful action and only consider believing or talking yourself into changed living. Attend to your experience.

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